[We move like cagey tigers, we couldn’t get closer than this…]

16042018 Neo blog

♥ listen ^^

Hidden F3 pose **NEW** by WetCat at Neo Japan
SK3LETO Series Prosthetic Arm **NEW** by [ContraptioN] at Neo Japan
Kuze Collar **NEW** by [CX] at Neo Japan
Yuna Rope harness **NEW** by NOIR at Neo Japan
Plasmoid Katana **NEW** by [TheForge] at Neo Japan
Chiyo A Neko Mask **NEW** by Tomoto at Neo Japan
Hikari **NEW** by Bauhaus Movement at Neo Japan
Anime 06 **NEW** by Dura at Neo Japan
2015 Tattoo **NEW** by Chat Noir at Neo Japan

On location at the Neo Japan sim

[ Here amongst a thousand hues, is where I’ll be…]

16042018 11th blog

♥ listen…

The Greenhouse Shed  **NEW** by Eleventh Hour  at Illuminate opening 18th April
Water tap by [we’re CLOSED] 
Vintage Garden Hose by Hive 
Misty London morning (bike) by ANHELO
My Little Garden (garden hook) by ANHELO 
My Little Garden (shelf) by ANHELO
Stacked Pots by PILOT & Can’t Even at Bloom
Spare Pots by PILOT & Can’t Even at Bloom
Metal Tubs by PILOT & Can’t Even at Bloom
Garden Vines by HPMD
Wild Grasses by HPMD
Wild Flowers – Queen Ann’s Lace by Heart
Trees Titan [OldGold] by Alirium